Publications within the RealSense 1&2 projects:


Djisalov M, Knežić T, Podunavac I, Živojević K, Radonic V, Knežević NŽ, Bobrinetskiy I, Gadjanski I. Cultivating Multidisciplinarity: Manufacturing and Sensing Challenges in Cultured Meat Production. Biology. 2021 Mar 9.
IF: 5.079; Link
Nekrasov N, Yakunina N, Pushkarev AV, Orlov AV, Gadjanski I, Pesquera A, Centeno A, Zurutuza A, Nikitin PI, Bobrinetskiy I. Spectral-Phase Interferometry Detection of Ochratoxin A via Aptamer-Functionalized Graphene Coated Glass. Nanomaterials. 2021 Jan;11(1):226. IF: 5.076; Link

Conference proceedings:

Djisalov M, Podunavac I, Radonic V, Gadjanski I. Can sensors help in reducing costs associated with cultivated meat production?Cellular Agriculture Online Symposium 2020 (CAOS2020). 2020 Jul 20. Online Only.
Gadjanski I. Alternative Proteins and Cellular Agriculture. Coimbra Sustainability Summit – “Agrifood needs” session. 2020, May 18-29, Online Only, Coimbra, Portugal.
Gadjanski I. Development of sensors for bioreactors. IRNAS webinar: Custom technology for bioprocesses – Science and Engineering behind cultured meat and CellAg. 2020 July 1, Online Only, Maribor, Slovenia.

Reports/white papers:

Radonic V, Podunavac I, Djisalov I, Knezic T, Gadjanski I. Cultivated Meat Bioprocess Optimization – O2, pH and CO2 Monitoring in E. coli Culture with PreSens SensorPlugs. PreSens PlugIn competition report. 2021 Mar 9.